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Plan your perfect day exploring the best Polynesia has to offer by checking the Experiences below.

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Admission and Show (Recommended)
$74.95 per person
Combine two of our most popular choices and save $24.95 per person
NOON - 5:00 pm
Day Experience
  • Explore six authentic Pacific Island villages
  • “Go Native” hands-on activities for the whole family
  • Canoe rides in our lagoon with an exciting Canoe Pageant
  • “Hawaiian Journey” our new cinematic experience
  • And much more
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
HA: Breath of Life Evening Show
  • Critically-acclaimed show with a cast of over 100
  • An epic tale told through traditional song and dance
  • Fire-filled Performance with dramatic special effects
  • One-of-a-kind Amphitheater with surround sound
  • An amazing theatrical achievement for all ages
Circle Island Upgrade
+$57.00 per person
HA: Breath of Life Evening Show
$49.95 per person
Day Experience
$49.95 per person